what Was, what Is, and what Will Be

I am the sum of what I produce.

Happy Hour

Proboscis flicks out,

Above the river prairie,

Licking up the sun.

Sparrow of the House

Flitting to and fro.

Tan flash under the white eave.

Sparrow of the house.

Drop of Dew

Light floats in, bouncing

around for all to enjoy.

In a drop of dew.

Through the Looking Leaf

Light bends around veins.

Bouncing through vasculature.

Delicate life lines.


Intensity reigns.

Staring into what Will Be.

Seeing all and none.

Five At a Time – Call of the North

Working to focus.

Mind runs north while sitting south.

The loons call me home.

From Blue to Green, and All Inbetween

On this Day of Earth,

Look close and pay attention,

To our Blue Marble.

Five At a Time – Smoke Stories

Grey sits, staying low.

Never lifting, always so.

Ever on it goes.

Five At a Time – Red Hill Blooms

A walk around the scrub on a hot and breezy spring ish morning can provide for a number of unique experiences. One day, you’ll see wood ducks fly from a roost with no water anywhere in sight, retaking their names at the expense of their future. Another day, you’ll see a bear rush from one narrowing dense patch to the next, wondering why there’s suddenly so many gaps in his home. A different day yet, you’ll see bees and beatles frantically trying to flit from one plant to the next, racing the inevitable clock that ticks in all our lives, demanding us to move faster before time runs on too long.

Today was a bit of all of those days. But mostly, there were just flowers.

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