what Was, what Is, and what Will Be

I am the sum of what I produce.

Evolution of an Idea

So, I’m easily influenced. In a good way! I recognize this, and embrace it often. My interests are fickle, easily switching from one mild obsession to the next, whenever the winds change direction.

My most recent endeavor started with the phrase “Do you want another outlet for your artistic talents?!?” To which the answer was a reluctant “Yes?” followed by an insistent “Yes!”, and three evenings of mad screen printing ensued.

First, there was the Hunt for Clear Transparencies (which would be a terrible movie). Turns out you can’t really buy those suckers any more, but can get them printed at a copy shop. The Boy and the Kid were very tolerant of the Target and Office Max and the general all around town running that needed to be done in a day. Next, there was the dash to make a basement laundry room into a print shop, prep the screens in the dark, and then I was ready to print.

Over a few sleepless nights and multitasking mornings, 9 shirts and 6 handkerchiefs were made, with promises of more to come. I think they turned out pretty darn well. These two guys look pretty happy about it, at least.

What’s next, you ask? Baby onesies!!! The nephew needs some “My Aunt it Awesome” swag, I do believe.

Happy Hour

Proboscis flicks out,

Above the river prairie,

Licking up the sun.

Sparrow of the House

Flitting to and fro.

Tan flash under the white eave.

Sparrow of the house.

Drop of Dew

Light floats in, bouncing

around for all to enjoy.

In a drop of dew.

Through the Looking Leaf

Light bends around veins.

Bouncing through vasculature.

Delicate life lines.


Intensity reigns.

Staring into what Will Be.

Seeing all and none.

Five At a Time – Call of the North

Working to focus.

Mind runs north while sitting south.

The loons call me home.

From Blue to Green, and All Inbetween

On this Day of Earth,

Look close and pay attention,

To our Blue Marble.

Five At a Time – Smoke Stories

Grey sits, staying low.

Never lifting, always so.

Ever on it goes.

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