what Was, what Is, and what Will Be

I am the sum of what I produce.

Go Get It

Stare towards the promise,

Of the next seed that awaits. 

And then go get it.

Golden Bird

A golden bird sits, 

Dull in the wintery light. 

Soon will glow again.

Final Additions

I’ve discussed color charts in a few recent posts, so I figured I’d finish that up on the watercolor front with a nice little tin of colors, filled with the additional ones I chose after having played with the giant sample sheets. Isn’t it just precious?!


A Wintry Walk

A wintry walk,

May look desolate, cold, bleak.

I choose to see life.


a Few to(o) Many

So far, I’ve been learning watercolor techniques with a set of 14 paints from a variety of makers. These above, to be specific. My starter set has served me nicely. I’ve done a few pieces, see previous posts, and am very much enjoying the medium.

However, many other paints exist. One brand alone, Daniel Smith, makes more than 230 different kinds, dots of which they very nicely have put on sample pages for us curious nerds. Once in hand, you can see their whole catalog without spending thousands of dollars on tubes of paint you might not even want (or more likely, can’t justify buying). 

After a few days (and nights) of work, here is what this colorful tedium looks like all nice and painted out. 

I’m going to select a few more paints, maybe even another 14, from these happy little dots and literally expand my palette. Exciting!

But which ones do I chose….?!


Torti All The Way Down


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